"Arivukalkkappuram" (Telecinema) directed by Nibu Perettil and telecast on Asianet Main Channel was based on the deteriorating values of modern day world. This telecinema went on to win many awards and was hailed as one among the best telecinemas ever produced in Malayalam. Recently, this telecinema bagged three prestigious awards from Film Critics TV Awards.

"Kumaranasante Veenapoov" is a telecinema directed by  Nibu Perettil,  inspired by the immortal influence of Veenapoovu of the renowned poet Kumaranasan. The central theme of the story is symbolically presented as the love between a flower and a black beetle. The flower personifies a damsel and the black beetle her lover, who hails from a depressed caste.

The story is set in a typical Kerala village of modern times. Scholars believe that there are many events in Asan's life that finds reflection in his poetic creations. "Veenapoovu" was telecast on Kairali Main Channel on September 4th 2009.

"A Journey To Shangrila" is his latest venture ready for release in major Arab and Indian channels.The scope of this docufiction is not limited to act just as a cultural ambassador. In addition to that, the objective is to enhance the tourism potential of Kerala, the God's Own Country. Kerala is gifted with versatile tourist attractions, which can be spotted out within a few hours of journey. Enchanting mountains, mind-blowing waterfalls, fascinating backwaters, vivid wildlife, world famous beaches… no other land possess this much variety and geographical versatility. It takes hardly a few hours' drive to reach one destination from another.